A modular magnetic crawler, designed for the visual and ultrasonic corrosion mapping inspection of difficult to access areas. Initially designed for use on mapping power plant boiler waterwall tubes, this versatile system can be adapted to inspect many configurations.

tıme benefıt

Significantly shorten (10x) the asset inspection time compared to manual, human-led spot readings.

cost benefıt

Reduced inspection times, increased inspection coverage and quality, whilst enabling predictive maintenance resulting in significant cost savings.


Significantly reduces shutdown periodicity and minimises the impact of conventional maintenance processes.


Eliminating the need for scaffolding access, working at height and under confined space conditions.


Across the industrial sector, the inspection of difficult to access areas and confined spaces presents a constant challenge, conventionally access requires significant scaffolding or rope access.

RUVI Wallker is a versatile modular magnetic crawler, designed in-house for the visual and ultrasonic inspection of difficult to access areas, and was initially designed for the inspection of power plant boiler waterwall tubes (project in partnership with Enerjisa Uretim Turkey). The versatile crawler can adhere to any magnetic surface, featuring continuous ultrasonic scanning yielding vast amounts of data, and visual inspection via on-board high intensity lighting and FHD cameras recording detailed images and video.

To identify defective mechanisms beyond corrosion, the system is also equipped with a surface laser profiler, which scans the surface to detect surface anomalies such as ovality, bulging, and other irregularities often key indicators in failure prediction.

The resulting inspection outcomes and data all of which provide the basis for plant asset condition monitoring, are delivered through our interactive digital twin web interface, simplifying the process from which client engineers can both assess and monitor plant asset condition.

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