Designed to address the removal of sediment build-up, an underwater robotic system designed for the on-line cleaning and inspection of water storage tank floors.

tıme benefıt

Significantly reduce maintenance and inspection period of the tank.

cost benefıt

Prevents unnecessary tank emptying, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.


Reduces waste and minimises the impact of conventional maintenance processes.


Eliminates the requirement to remove the tank from service, and the need for man-entry.


Experience the future of water storage tank cleaning, with our underwater ‘in-service’ system. Optimise your tank regulatory maintenance and inspection requirements and ensure the availability and reliability of your water storage infrastructure.

I-Cleaner, fully designed and developed in-house, our underwater robot operates to ensure the thorough removal of sediments, sludge, residuals, and contaminants, improving water quality whilst preventing issues such as corrosion and biofilm formation. The system provides on-board lighting and FHD cameras capture high resolution images and video, from which cleaning and inspection condition assessment can be concluded.

Enhance your operation efficiency by facilitating the optimisation of maintenance schedules. I-Cleaner, not only delivering outstanding cleaning performance, but also prioritising safety, and by the reduction of the use of chemicals, minimising the environmental footprint.

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