RUVI OilDiver is a specially designed robotic system for online storage tank floor inspection in an explosive environment. With the help of the ultrasonic inspection module on the system, tank floor thickness measurement and corrosion mapping can be achieved according to API 653 standards.

tıme benefıt

Significantly reduce maintenance and inspection period of the tank. %95 Time Saving Compared to Conventional Methods

cost benefıt

Significantly reduce maintenance and inspection period of the tank. %95 Time Saving Compared to Conventional Methods


Reduce waste generation, and minimize the environmental impact of your tank maintenance processes.​Saves from 15ton/Tank Harmful Waste


Eliminates the need for confined space entry, ensuring a safer working environment for your team.​Non-Man Entry


Due to local regulations, hydrocarbon storage tanks usually need to be taken out of service for inspection without knowing in advance if this is necessary. RUVI OilDiver Tank Floor Inspection System provides a solution for unnecessary tank maintenance periods.

With its ultrasonic sensors for tank floor corrosion mapping, the RUVI OilDiver delivers precise and detailed corrosion assessments, enabling proactive maintenance and mitigating risks. The 360-degree sonar navigation system ensures optimal maneuverability within the tank environment, allowing for comprehensive coverage and accurate data collection.

Equipped with three FHD cameras and state-of-the-art lighting, the RUVI OilDiver provides exceptional visual inspection capabilities. Its high-resolution cameras capture detailed images and videos, enabling inspectors to detect anomalies and assess the condition of the tank floor with unparalleled clarity and accuracy.

The RUVI OilDiver features a unique software solution designed specifically for indoor localization and ultrasonic signal analysis. This software enhances the robot’s navigation and positioning accuracy, ensuring precise localization within the tank environment. Additionally, it enables sophisticated analysis of ultrasonic signals, facilitating detailed corrosion mapping and assessment.

RUVI OilDiver inspection system has an Ex-Proof Certificate according to the 2014/34/EU Directive and is safely operatable in explosive environments.

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