Fil provides a web-based Inspection Management Solution, developed for maintaining and organizing records over the pre- and in-service life of a Plant Asset. The system enables and simplifies the identification of every plant item. Instantly access data on any plant asset via graphical interface.

The management of industrial plant is reliant on detailed system drawings, with unique identification assigned to critical items such as support hangers, welds, bends etc, on pipework systems for example and therefore particularly relevant to Pressure Piping Systems.


Non-Destructive Testing plays a critical role in ensuring the integrity and safety of assets across various industries. However, traditional methods of NDT data analysis often involve manual interpretation, which can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and subject to human variability. Our AI system is set to transform this landscape by automating and streamlining the data analysis process.

Embrace the future of NDT data analysis with AIS Field’s AI system. Experience the advantages of enhanced accuracy, faster analysis, and reduced human errors. Empower your inspection teams with cutting-edge technology, improve asset reliability, and drive operational excellence. 

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