Experience a new era of precision and efficiency in underwater tank inspection with our groundbreaking product, RUVI Diver. AIS Field proudly presents the RUVI Diver, an advanced underwater inspection drone equipped with an ultrasonic thickness measurement unit. This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the assessment of water storage tank floors, providing accurate and reliable thickness measurements in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

tıme benefıt

Significantly reduce maintenance and inspection period of the tank.

cost benefıt

Prevents unnecessary tank emptying and reduce downtime due to regulatory requirements.


Reduce waste generation, and minimize the environmental impact of your tank maintenance processes.


Eliminates the need for man entry, ensuring a safer working environment for your team.


The RUVI Diver combines the capabilities of an underwater drone with state-of-the-art ultrasonic thickness measurement technology. It effortlessly navigates through water, capturing high-resolution images and videos while simultaneously conducting non-destructive thickness measurements. With its precise sensors and advanced imaging systems, the RUVI Diver detects and records the thickness values of water storage tank floors with remarkable accuracy.

By utilizing the RUVI Diver, the need for costly and time-consuming manual inspections is greatly reduced. The drone can quickly and efficiently assess large tank areas, providing comprehensive thickness measurements that allow for proactive maintenance planning and timely intervention. This not only ensures the structural integrity of water storage tanks but also minimizes the risk of costly repairs or unexpected failures.

Choose RUVI Diver for your underwater tank inspection needs and elevate your asset management strategy to new heights. Unlock the benefits of precision, efficiency, and reliability, as you gain valuable insights into the thickness values of water storage tank floors. Trust AIS Field’s expertise in robotic inspection solutions and experience the future of underwater inspections with RUVI Diver.


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