An advanced underwater drone, designed for the on-line visual and ultrasonic inspection of water storage tank floors, whilst also successfully lending itself to a diversity of marine inspection applications.

tıme benefıt

Significantly reduce maintenance and inspection period of the tank.

cost benefıt

Significantly reduces maintenance and inspection periodicity. Prevents unnecessary tank emptying, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.


Reduces waste and minimises the impact of conventional maintenance processes.


Eliminates the requirement to remove the tank from service, and the need for man-entry.


RUVI Diver combines the capabilities of underwater drone with integrated on-board ultrasonic thickness measurement technology.

Overcome the need for time-consuming costly conventional ultrasonic thickness surveying. RUVI Diver can quickly and accurately assess tank floor plating thickness, providing comprehensive coverage and valuable tank maintenance data.

Highly maneuverable, the drone has on-board high intensity lighting and FHD cameras, and captures detailed images and video, providing vivid visual data of the tank internal condition.

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