AIS Field, focusing on robotic inspection technologies, has received investment from Tüpraş Ventures

AIS Field focuses on robotic technologies, automation and advanced software solutions in the field of non-destructive testing.

AIS Field, specializing in robotic inspection and data management services, has declared it has secured funding. As per details shared by AIS Field, the investment came from Tüpraş Ventures, the investment arm of Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation, commonly referred to as TÜPRAŞ.

No financial details have been shared regarding the investment agreement between AIS Field and Tüpraş Ventures. It’s also worth mentioning that the investment in AIS Field is Tüpraş Ventures’ first investment in the field of robotic technologies, established with the goal of supporting promising ventures that aim to create strategic partnerships in the energy sector and support digitalization.

Based in Ankara, Turkiye, AIS Field is a company focused on robotic technologies, automation and advanced software solutions in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT). AIS Field provides services to various industrial sectors such as energy production facilities and power plants, storage facilities, petroleum, fuel, natural gas, and defense, through its developed robotic technologies and software.

The RUVI OilDiver robot developed by AIS Field can inspect and maintain the bottom of light product fuel tanks even when they are full. The RUVI Diver underwater drone is capable of performing visual and ultrasonic inspections on water tanks of industrial facilities, primarily refineries and fuel storage. Additionally, the I-Cleaner robot can carry out tank cleaning operations in water tanks without any downtime.


Levent Zağra, the Deputy General Manager responsible for Innovation, Investments, and Planning at Tüpraş, stated that leveraging technologies that support safety approaches to the fullest extent, thus creating a safe work environment without requiring employees to enter hazardous areas, is one of their most fundamental business objectives. In this direction, he conveyed that they perform dangerous and challenging inspection and maintenance work in refineries more safely, quickly, and in detail, thanks to robotic technologies.

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